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Fear Not

And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them (2nd King 6:16 ) Fear is something we all experience at one time or another. Fear can become a positive factor in assisting one to accomplish a goal or it can cause one to miss open doors of opportunity. As Christians we cannot be fearful; Elisha was a powerful man of God, God communicated with Elisha regarding the Syrian army that would try to set-up ambushes against the king of Israel. Every time they would set up an ambush, the king of Israel would be informed by Elisha. The king inquired of his servant who was informing the king of Israel of the attacks, but one of the servant knew about the man of God, Elisha. The Syrian king instructed his servant to go and find Elisha and bring him to the king. They found Elisha and his servant in the city of Dothan. They came to the city of Dothan and surrounded it to the point there was no escape for  Elisa or his servant. His servant became afraid; but Elisha knew the God he served would never leave or forsake him. Elisha saw the army, but he didn’t become fearful, but he instructed his servant “Fear Not”. Elisha prayed that God would open his servant eyes that he would be able to see it was more with them than it was with the Syrian army. People of God, fear not about the economy, rumors of wars or anything else. The God we serve is Greater and powerful than anything that exist.  Fear doesn’t come from God, but it comes from Satan and those who are influenced by Satan. Fear brings anxiety, depression, suppression and oppression. When fear comes, we have to resist it, God has instructed us, “Resist the devil, and he will flee” when you become fearful, it’s an attack from Satan to bind you and make you lose faith in God. We have to think faith, speak faith, and have faith in God knowing whatever is going on in our lives, it shall come to an end. God is greater than the doctor’s report, greater than closed doors of employment. Just as He opened the door for you to be employed, He can always open another door greater than the door that was closed. If someone walked out of your life, they probably was doing you a favor, and one day you will see that door needed to be closed. Many times God has closed doors, and we’re praying for Him to open the door, not realizing He has closed the door. If a doors has been closed in your life, talk to God about it, and if He  closed the door, keep the door closed!

Fear not, place your trust and confidence in God. When we fear, we are magnifying fear and Satan, but when we have faith, we’re magnifying God and His power!

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