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His Mercy

For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations – Psalms 100:5.

Mercy is something we all can use at one time or another, but many of us don’t give mercy to others, but we desire mercy from God. Throughout the Bible, God instructed His people to forgive and have mercy toward others without it we will not receive mercy or forgiveness from our Father.

Mercy is being compassionate and kind towards others. Mercy and kindness are not condoning sin, but it’s showing mercy to those we know are practicing sins; just as our Father did with us when we were practicing sin.

Even though we have given ourselves to the Lord, every now and then we sin by doubt, unbelief and just plain not forgiving someone, but His mercy is there towards us. Rather than killing someone through spoken words and actions, let’s look at the mercy God has given us and let us show the same mercy towards others.

The truth of God’s Word is for every generation. It hasn’t lost its power to change lives no matter how long it may have been in the family. Inheritance comes from our Father, it’s more powerful than sickness, disease, alcoholism, and drug addiction. His mercy is for everyone, none of us have received from the Lord what we deserve!

His loving kindness is toward all; even those who reject Him. He continues to show His love through His protection, provision, and daily benefits. His mercy is given to eveyone, the believer as well as the non-believer. As the Lord shows mercy towards us, let us show mercy towards others. Release those you have not forgiven. Don’t be so easily to point the finger, as you point, you have one pointing back at you!

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