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Who Are You Going to Call?

Seek ye the Lord while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near – Isaiah 55:6

Have you ever had a time you needed someone to talk to, or a time you needed advice, but you couldn’t find anyone?

Jesus is a very presence help in our time of trouble or weariness. He can be reached twenty-four hours a day. He’s never too busy to hear our cry for help. He’s the greatest counselor we can ever have. Even when we feel we have committed the most darkest sin, He will reached down and pick us up from the mar and the depths of sin.

We judge one another, and sometimes we never release the person from their sins, we keep it over them like a dark cloud. But it is someone we can ¬†always call on when we’re in need of help, we can always call upon the great name of Jesus. Jesus will always be there to comfort, give peace, give direction as well as rebuke when it’s needed.

We call everyone and tell them about our problems rather than calling on the one that will hear it, and fix it. The call of repentance is for everyone, not just the one that has ¬†been caught in sin, but the ones that lies and gossip, the fault finders, those with secret sin, so they think. We can call upon Jesus whenever we need Him, but He is also calling us to repentance. Repentance is something we all can do on a daily basis even if we think we haven’t sin.

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