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The Glory of God

And I will shake all nations and the desire (or desire of all nations) shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts – Haggai 2:7

There’s coming a time, the heavens and the earth will be shaken. It will not matter what denomination you’re in, or the gods that have been served. If we aren’t rooted in the word of God, and is subject to His word, no matter how many times we attend church, volunteered in different auxiliaries, paid tithes, if His word is not in us, and we’re being subjected to His word, all that we’ve done will be in vain.

In the 21st day of the seven month, the word of the Lord spoke through  the Prophet Haggai to speak to Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah. The Temple had been destroyed and God wanted the Temple to be rebuilt, but He needed people who were willing to do it. God chooses to do His work through people, but they have to be willing. He provides the resources, but willing hands must do the work.

In the beginning man was created in the beauty of holiness, in the image of God, but when man rebelled against the word of God, it brought a curse upon man and the earth. By us accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord we’re no longer under the curse, but many have lost the glory of the presence of the Lord being in their life and it needs to be restored. When a person has been born of the Spirit of God, they don’t have to tell you they are saved. Whether the individual is a believer or not, when they come into the presence of one that has been born again they will feel the presence of the Lord even if they don’t know what they’re feeling.

God’s presence is His glory and will be upon individuals who have submitted themselves completely to the Lord. It’s going to take the presence of the Lord being in people to set the captives free. Our body is where the Spirit of the Lords resides. He’s no longer residing in tents and temples of mortar, but have made our bodies to be His temple when we have been born-again. Religion doesn’t move God, sacrifices without obedience is unacceptable, obedience is better than sacrifice.  The Spirit of God is not visiting our churches as He once did because many in the congregation, don’t really believe or they believe and have denied the power of God . Some have just rejected the teaching and we wonder why people aren’t receiving healing within the spirit, soul and body. It’s because we have rejected the instructions of the Bible.

For His glory to return to the body of Christ as well as the physical building, it has to be done the way the Spirit of God instructs us to do it. God is His word, and His Word is Him! We have to be led by the Spirit of God, we must be submitted to the Spirit of God, we must believe He is God, and allow Him to be God in every area of our life!

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