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Lack of Prayer

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth – Revelation 3:16

Lukewarm coffee, tea or pop makes a disgusting drink. The church in Laodicea had become lukewarm and distasteful and repugnant. The believers didn’t stand for anything; because of their attitude towards sin it lead them into idleness. It is more hope for a rebel to repent than for a half-hearted, in name-only Christian.

This church had gained a great reputation; it had a name for a flourishing church, but this church wasn’t really what it was attempting to show. There was a form of godliness, but not the power, the name of  Christianity, but not a principal of life by living according to the word of God. When we’re surrounded by those in an authority figure that condones sinful actions that are against the principals of God, if we don’t have personal prayer time as well as the church body praying,  we will begin to think and agree with condoning sinful behaviors and actions.

Consistent prayer opens our spiritual eyes, it softens our heart to receive the word of God and makes us willingly to submit to the Bible instructions. Lack of prayer will cause a believer to go into a spiritual sleep, and they will be unable to hear the voice of the Lord, unable to receive revelation of  what the Bible is saying. Lack of prayer, makes the believer unaware of the movement of the enemy. The church today is filled with Christians who have fallen asleep spiritually. They attend church regularly, pay their tithes, work in the church, but they are unaware of what is happening in the spiritual realm. This is why there is so much division, disunity, confusion, pre-marital sex among believers, because many are faithful to the church, but they aren’t faithful in prayer.

Prayer will help us to see the author of confusion and division. Prayer will strengthen the believer to present their bodies as a living sacrifice.  Prayer will help us to see when ungodly influences are trying to tempt us from straying away from the principals of the Bible. Prayer is needed in our homes just as much as it is needed in our churches and schools. Prayer is needed just as much as food and water. Prayer is needed just as much as a wound needs an antibiotic. Prayer will destroy the bacteria of sinful thinking and actions. Prayer builds us spiritually, and will destroy what is hindering us from walking the straight and narrow path of the word of God. Without prayer, a Christian can’t fight against the attacks of Satan in their life or the life of others. A lack of prayer makes us the perfect target for the spirit of deception. Prayer places us in the presence of God and the host of angels.

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