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On The Road To Damascus

 For I will show him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake – Acts 9:16

Paul was called Saul prior to his conversion and missionary journeys.  Paul was chosen by God to do a work for the Lord at the time appointed by God.  Although Paul persecuted the church and had many Christians killed, he still had a calling on his life to serving God and to bring a blessing to many of God’s people.Paul was a Benjamite, a native of Tarsus, Cilicia and was born about A.D.5.  He was raised as a free Roman citizen. He was a pupil of Gamaliel who was a strict Pharisee.  Pharisees were one of the three sects of Judaism in the time of Christ. The name means separated by special works, the sect included Hebrews who separated themselves from Levitical impurity, following the Mosaic law of purity.  Paul was taught by the best of scholars of the law, but his teacher didn’t have a relationship with God and His Son.  His teacher could teach him the law of works, but he didn’t have an understanding of the works of the Spirit.

No matter what Saul had done, God had a plan for Saul, and it would be accomplished at the time God had appointed for it to happen. God had a set time for Saul to be changed,  just as He has a set time for you and your family to be changed, to be sanctified, growing in the Word of the Lord.  Many times we look at what people have done or is doing and we label them as a “Mission Impossible”, people of God, we must believe that God is the One that works with the impossible. What’s impossible for man, is possible for God. God specializes in hard cases, those that prayed us into the kingdom of God may have thought at one time that we too were a mission impossible, but they were consistent in prayer, they didn’t give up.

As Christians, we’re still on the road to Damascus, we should be striving to have the faith that was once given to the saints of old.  There’s  a  place in God where nothing said or done will diminish our faith in God.  There’s a place of rest and peace in God, there is a place in God when you will say to yourself  “God got this”.

On the road to Damascus, you will meet giants that will try to keep you from entering into the promise land. You will meet giants of rejection, hurt, fear, discouragement.  Giants of unbelief and doubt, sometimes we will have to fight the giant of slothfulness, we don’t want to pray, fast, read or study the Bible. We will come to a place where we’re tired of fighting, you can’t give up. Don’t get weary, when we become weary, we will stop praying for ourselves as well as others. Sisters and brothers, we must put on the whole of armor of God,  and keep it on, not a portion of it, to stand against the schemes and tactics of Satan that will fight against us and our love ones.

Jesus met Saul on the Road to  Damascus and changed his life completely. He can do the same for our unsaved loved ones. He can do the same for us while we’re traveling down the Road to Damascus. You may have fallen from Grace, but with the help of the Lord, you can get up, dust yourself off, and start over again.  Pray and ask God to give you the grace you need to accomplish the things you need to do as a Christian.  Damascus was a dusty road, wasn’t much vegetation or signs of life, we too can be on that same road, trying to find the Lord, trying to see where do we fit in this calling of Christianity.   It seems at times you haven’t grown spiritually although you have done everything you know how to serve the Lord. Damascus was a rough road which is like Christianity sometimes, the more you pray the more it seems like things aren’t going wrong, this is only the trying of your faith, keep praying, keep fasting, keep reading and studying the Word of God.  God gave you an entrance for the trying of your faith; He will also give you an exit.

It may not be you on the road to Damascus, it could be a love one; don’t lose hope or faith, believe God’s Word; His Word that will not return to Him void. God is calling them because you’re laboring for their souls in prayer and fasting. He will lead them and guide them, focusing on their salvation and not what you’re hearing and seeing.  It’s God’s will for them to be saved so you’re praying according to the will of God and the Word of God. So have confidence that He has heard the prayers, and He will answer the prayers; it’s His Word He’s watching over to perform!

 Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love (2nd John V.3).

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