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Preparation To Meet God

Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel (Amos 4:12).

 Israel had forgotten how to do what was right. The more they sinned, the harder it was to remember what God wanted. The same is true for us, the longer we fail to deal with sin, the greater its hold on us. Even in anger, God is merciful; He always warns His people through His ministers, it’s the individual who has to receive the warning.

There is a preparation for the people of God to meet with their God. Every day we live, we’re one day closer to death, and we must be prepared to meet Him. Many of God’s people are backslidden although they attend church on a regular basis. It’s a sad thing to see so many attend church and when the Spirit of the Lord is presence, they can’t feel Him and you can see it through their reactions while He’s moving among the congregation.

Not only should we feel God in the congregation, but we should feel Him in our homes while we’re driving, as well as our place of employment. It takes preparation by the individual to give God a desire to want to dwell in our presence. First of all, we must comply to His Word in every area of our life. Attending church and disobeying His instructions will cause the individual to be spiritually dead.

God dwells among those who praise Him, but the person who praises must also pray. The reason why many Christians are still having trouble with their flesh is that many have praises, but don’t have a prayer life. We’re all tempted at one time or another, but the more we pray, the less the temptation will have influence. How can one say he or she loves God, but never take time to prepare a time to commune with the one they love?  When you love someone, you prepare yourself to meet with them. You agree upon the time and place you will meet and at the appointed time, you will meet with the one you love. When we really love God, we will make a set time we will meet with Him in prayer and read His Word of instructions. Depending on your schedule, you may be able to meet with Him fifteen minutes some ten minutes and there are those who can spend an hour or more with God. If we can spend an hour or more watching television or playing video games, talking on the phone, surely we can give God thirty to sixty minutes of our time.

Just as we prepare ourselves for things that appease our natural man, we need to make preparation to appease our spiritual man with the Word of God and prayer. We cannot grow spiritually without prayer, reading and studying the Word of God and fasting. Jesus said if we continue in His Word then are we His disciples (Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed – 8:31 1). We’re the spiritual Jews and we must continue to submit ourselves to the Word of God.

Before you go to school, work or attend to business, you should have a set time you meet with God in prayer on a daily basis. Before you retire for bed, there should be a set time you meet with God and read His Word, a time you spend studying His Word. There should be times you consecrate yourself before the Lord in fasting and not just when you want something from Him or when the pastor instructs you too fast. Fasting shouldn’t be just during lent season, many are fasting during that time, and living opposite of what the Word of God instructs us to live, but because that’s the popular thing to do during that season many fast that normally don’t fast and the things they fast from don’t cause spiritual growth.

Jesus is coming back for His church, we don’t know the time or the day, but when He returns, we must be prepared to meet Him. God is talking to His people, but because so many are spiritual impaired, they don’t hear Him. It’s like trying to receive a phone call when you’re out of the area and you’re receiving interference, nothing but static because we have allowed other things to distract our attention from God.  Israel was God’s chosen nation, He loved them. He pleaded with them through by sending them prophets to minister His Word, they listened but rejected what He was instructing them through His prophets. Many Christians are doing what Israel was doing, they have decided they will live according to their desire and reject God’s instructions.

There are two things we will encounter. First, we’re destined to die, and secondly, everyone will have to give an account of what they did and didn’t do (So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God – Romans 14:12). We should keep in mind, we’re living, but we’re preparing ourselves to meet our God. Make a schedule to set aside time to meet with God daily in prayer. When you wake up and before you retire for bed, and when you really make a commitment you will find yourself throughout the day, making prayer, communing with your Father in prayer and praise. True Christians have a prayer life, they take time to read and study God’s Word, they fast without being asked to fast and they commit themselves to the Word of God; preparing themselves to meet their God.

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