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If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small – Proverbs 24:10

Adversity will come to every Christian and when it comes, we must be prepared for it. God will never allow something to come into our lives that He hasn’t given us the strength to go through it. As a Christian, we will go through many hard trials and tribulations, but adversity will show us who we really are, what kind of character we have developed. Adversity helps us to grow stronger in our faith. Christianity is not walking through life in a bed of tulips. On this Christian journey, there will be many giants, distractions, and all forms of a hindrance to try to keep us from walking the straight and narrow path Jesus instructed us to walk.

We cannot faint in adversity, we cannot allow fear and doubt to be stronger than the God we serve. Look back over your life and think about the many times He came to your rescue and delivered you. Just as He did it then, He will do it again. ¬†Sometimes it seems as though God is taking forever to come, remember He never left. He’s allowing the adversity to work something in us and out of us to glorify Him and our faith to be strengthened.

For some reason, Christian think when adversity comes God is punishing them or He’s angry with them. No, life brings issues, and yes, He will allow adversity to come to build our character, to help us to be strengthened in our faith and our commitment to Him.

Every day we have voices calling us, God’s voice, our adversary and our flesh.¬† Too many times as Christians we surrender to the flesh and allow the adversary to give us ungodly influences. It’s Satan’s goals to distract you, so he will attack with hurt, disappointments, fear or whatever he knows that will make you doubt God. God has a blood covenant with every Christian whose truly surrendered their life to Him. There is no adversity greater than the God you serve.

When adversity comes allow it to be a stepping stone for you to get closer to God. It will make you a warrior, a strong soldier in the army of the Lord. God has already promised “No weapon formed against you will not prosper”, He didn’t say it wouldn’t come, He said it wouldn’t prosper, meaning you will get the victory and not the weapon that was formed against you!

God is always there to give a helping hand when the adversity gets too tough. He will keep you from falling. When the tunnel is too dark, He will give you light. Adversity is a booster to assist you to grow in the things of God.

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