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And It Shall Be

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye received them, and ye shall have them – Mark 11:24.

Stress and anxiety is the killer of millions yearly, as well as fear. ┬áPeople are worried about their finances, children, grandchildren, spouse. Stress from personal issues, stress from the job and before you know it, people are having heart attacks, strokes, depression from issues in their life they have no control over.God knows our beginning and ending and all that will go on in between our birth and death. Nothing is a surprise to God, He already knows prior to it happening. The reason we stress ourselves is that we’re trying to figure out how we going to get out of it or make it happen when all we have to do is pray and wait on God to give us an answer. God is our Father and He is concerned about what concerns us. Too many times, we place our trust in our situations and circumstances rather than placing our trust in God and His Word.

Jesus instructed the believer, to ask the Father in His name (Jesus) and the Father would do it, then He instructed us, whatsoever we ask for to believe that we received it and we shall have it. The problem comes when we’re trying to figure out when He’s going to do, and how He’s going to do it. Faith moves God, and fear stops God. There is nothing in our life that God cannot give us the instructions we need to resolve the matter. Everything we need, God has an answer and a plan, all we have to do is pray and allow Him to direct us.

People are paying money for someone to listen to their issues and once they have heard the issue, they will either give you pills or another session. When we talk to God the way we talk to people about our problem, not only will He listen, but He can give us instructions in resolving the problem without money, pills, or another session. Jesus is the Great Physician, He is the counselor, He is the provider, He’s the one that can set the captive free. He’s the one that can relieve stress and give us peace. He’s the One that can go into out inter most being and bring healing to wounds and deep scars. He’s the one that can build us up where we have been worn and torn down, all we have to do is ask and believe.

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