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Pastor Make Me Feel Good

Teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world – Titus 2:12.

God created man with self-will, He also created ministers to teach His Word so that His creation could and would worship Him according to His written Word. Although many profess to serve God; they serve Him according to what they will and will not submit to. Which is the opposite of serving Him. To serve Him and worship Him is to submit your will to Him and there is a remnant that will.

Many attend church on Sunday on a regular basis, but they don’t want the Pastor to instruct them on how to live a godly life or they will put on spiritual headphones to disconnect themselves from hearing what God is speaking through the man or woman of God. God has always used a man or woman to warn His people when they are not living according to His instructions and those that follow His instructions to continue to do so.

As professing Christians, if we want to enter into the promise, we must submit to God’s instructions. A Christian can’t have a friend with benefits (But fornication, and all uncleanness or covetousness [adultery], let it not be once named among you as becometh saints – Ephesians 5:3). Some in the congregation don’t want to hear this, but they would rather hear “God wants me to be happy” or “God knows my heart”.

As long as ministers and pastors continue to preach “God’s going to bless you” messages without repentance, the congregation will continue to live a life of sin. Attending church and candidates for Hell; the church is where the congregation attends to worship and to be taught how to live a life that will be pleasing to God.

Time is winding down, Jesus is soon to return, every professing Christian should examine themselves to see will they be ready at His appearance. Read the Word of God, study it, and comply with it! The church needs to return to the truth of God’s Word. His Words will strengthen our faith and commitment to Him. Don’t fight God’s instructions, submit to them, then you will be truly blessed.

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