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Lord Anoint My Eyes

When He had thus spoken, He spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay- John 9:6.

Mixing clay with saliva was a common practice used for eye infections. Jesus may have used the clay to provide an opportunity for the man to exercise his faith by allowing Jesus to place the saliva on his eyes. He couldn’t see, but he could hear and feel.

Jesus healed a man that was blinded from birth, Jesus disciples assumed the man or his parents had sinned (Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him – John 9:3).

The man that Jesus healed was blinded from birth indicates, the man had never seen naturally, just as we were born in to sin at our birth, we were blinded spiritually and didn’t see spiritually. We needed Jesus to open our eyes and heart to see that we were in need of a Saviour. We were born in sin and separated from God. Because of our sinful nature, we didn’t realize we were sinners.

Jesus sent His Son to reconcile His people back to Him, Jesus didn’t come for us to have a religion, but a relationship with the Father. Religion will have one quoting Scriptures, but not living according to Scripture they quote. Religion will have one doing acts rather than faith in the Son of God. Religion will have one thinking he or she can live according to their desires rather than the consecrated Word of God.

We were bought with a price, Jesus was brutality beaten prior to His death for our sins. He had no sins, but He died so that we could have life. If we we’re not in sin there would have been no need for Him to die if we could continue to live in envy, strife, contention, hatred, fornication, adultery, drunken, and drugging and all the other sins some professing Christians are committing.

God has a standard and His standard is holiness, He is calling His people to be as He is (Sanctify yourselves, therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God – Leviticus 20:7). This instruction wasn’t just for the children of Israel but for all those who profess to be Christians no matter what nationality they may be. God is the Creator of the human race! There is no god for each nationality, and His written instructions are for every nationality.

Christians are an example to the world, and many of us are displaying hypocrisy. We’re not seeing the Word of God on display in our lives. We do the same thing as the world is practicing and doing and we say we’re Christians. Sanctification is a standard for the Christian in every nationality. Sanctification is to be separated from the world’s way of living and submitted to the Word of God, spirit, soul, mind, and body. Sinner’s are blinded by sins; they don’t think or see that they are sinning against God.

We as Christians, our duty is to pray for them that God will anoint their eyes to see their sins and have the heart to repent and submit to God’s written instructions. Time is winding down, and we need to pray consistently for the non-believer. As the eyes of their understanding are open they will have the opportunity to choose whether or not they want to be saved. When one is bound by sin they are in bondage and are not aware they are in bondage.

Only Jesus can free them, the Word of God is airborne it will go to every country, every city, and state and begin to destroy the works of Satan in their heart and mind. Pray for God to set the captive free from their captors whether its man, Satan, or themselves.

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