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Sponsors and Partnerships

Word of Life Ministries of All Nations is asking for partners to assist us to get the gospel throughout the United States by way of monthly newsletters and Bible Study to those who are incarcerated.

Our prison system is made up of men, women and children. Many parents are incarcerated leaving their children without their biological parents. Many are incarcerated for crimes they committed, and there are many whom are incarcerated that are innocent. Whether the crime was committed or not, these individuals are in much need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our goals are to reach as many as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ. throughout the United States. We can’t physically go to every unit of the jails and prison in the United States, but our Gospel Newsletter and Bible Study can.

Your partnership will assist us to get as many souls to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter and Bible Study. Your partnership will assist us with the purchase of copying and mailing throughout the United States. We will also become pen pals to inmates which will be another cost of mailing.

Although jails and prison are for rehabilitation, only the Word of God can change a person’s heart and spirit. With this change, it will rehabilitate men, women, and juveniles as they are returning to their communities.

We are also planning to implement a Safe Haven for those who are being released from jail and prison in the city and state of Illinois. Sadly, many are being released and must return to the community where they were selling and recipients of drugs, and prostitution. This Safe Haven will be a Rehabilitation Center to assist them with living arrangements, as well as preparing them to resume employment and the community.

We’re also in the process of sponsoring schools that have homeless and low-income children. We will purchase and provide food, gift cards, and school supplies to underserved students.

The goals of Word of Life Ministries are not only to minister to the spirit but the whole being. Your donations and partnership will assist us to fulfill this goal. Because your donations will be used to bless others that are less fortunate, you also will be blessed.

Word of Life Ministries of All Nations is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for assisting the mission of this ministry.

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