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Sincere Giving

Posted By on Jul 28, 2016

Whatsoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted – Matthew 23:12.

The Oxford College Dictionary defines “sincere” as “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings”. It is derived from the Latin word sincere, which denotes something clean, pure, uninjured, whole, or sound. Though we recognize sincerity when we see it, we see it all too seldom. Even those who appear to be honest and authentic are often “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

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Time of Prayer

Posted By on Jul 27, 2016

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them – Mark 11:24

God of Heaven, and earth, as we come before You today, we ask that You would forgive us of any sins we may have committed against You. If we have any unforgiveness or resentment towards anyone, we chose to forgive them. If the offense is still in our heart, please forgive us and wash it from our hearts, we don’t want anything in our heart, mind, will or spirit that is contrary to Your word. Thank You Father, for releasing us and cleansing us as we forgive.

We pray for our families, near and far. Keep a hedge of protection around them, hide them from anyone that would try to hurt or harm them. Draw our unsaved love ones to You, Your word says, the only way one can come to You, the Father must draw them, we pray today to draw them, write Your words upon the table of their hearts and minds. Let the spirit of obedience come upon our children and grandchildren. Place them around people who would encourage and show them what is right. Help us and give us wisdom in how to train and minister to our children, help us to take time and talk with our children, help us to get to know our children and our spouse. Remove the busyness from us, and help us to enjoy the gifts You have given us, our family.

Help us to be consistent in our prayer time. Help us to have a hunger for righteousness, a hunger to please You, and a hunger to have an encounter with You. Help us to purpose in our hearts ¬†we will worship and praise You no matter what is going on in our life. You deserve the praise, You deserve the honor, we place our trust in You and not what we’re going through. Help us to be kind, and patience with everyone and showing love towards everyone.

We pray for the Fruit of the Spirit to manifest in our life daily. We pray for every gift and office You have given us to be manifested to bless others. Help us to be sensitive to people around us so that we will know what to pray for concerning them. Help us to encourage others, and show them the love of God. Bring love back to the marriages that are struggling, bring unity and peace. Strengthen the pastors that are struggling in their walk with You, struggling in their faith. Help the congregants to be submissive to their leader, help them to follow their leader, as they follow Christ. We pray for Your Spirit to be in our homes, business, schools and churches. Let Your glory come, to bring healing, reconciliation, deliverance, anointing, salvation, and sanctification.

Help us to allow You to be Lord in our lives, our beings, in every situation, circumstance and issue. Bless this upcoming presidential election, help us to vote in the right candidate. You can prepare them to be for the people, and have the people’s best interest at heart. We pray for our Alderman, governors, senators, mayors, help them to seek Your guidance, supply their needs according to Your riches and glory. Have mercy on the homeless, bring them to a safe place. Open doors of employment for those that are needed of employment. We pray for Your word to have a free-course to every city, state, and country. We pray for Your will be done in earth, in us as it is in heaven. Amen!

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Death Defined

Posted By on Jul 26, 2016

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me – Psalm 23:4

Death is the state of being dead, it’s a loss of life, and it can be physical, emotional, mental, relational and financially. Each of us will experience death in any one of these categories at one time or another, but when death comes and however it comes, the Lord will always be there to walk us through it.

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