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 For I will show him how great things he must suffer for my name’s sake – Acts 9:16

Paul was called Saul prior to his conversion and missionary journeys. Paul was chosen by God to do a work for the Lord at the time appointed by God. Although Paul persecuted the church and had many Christians killed, he still had a calling on his life to serving God and to bring a blessing to many of God’s people.

Paul was a Benjamite, a native of Tarsus, Cilicia and was born about A.D.5. He was raised as a free Roman citizen. He was a pupil of Gamaliel who was a strict Pharisee. Pharisees were one of the three sects of Judaism in the time of Christ. The name means separated by special works. The sect included Hebrews who separated themselves from Levitical impurity, following the Mosaic law of purity. Paul was taught by the best of scholars of the law, but his teacher didn’t have a relationship with God and His Son. His teacher could teach him the law of works, but he didn’t have an understanding of the works of the Spirit.

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