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God Is God Even When Trouble Arises

Is there anything too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed, I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son – Genesis 18:14.

The Lord had a calling on the life of Abram, and for the Lord to get him to his destiny, he had to leave his family. Abram’s father and ancestors served pagan gods. God wanted to be the God of Abram and his descendants. God gave Abram a covenant; Abram, later renamed Abraham, was given an Abrahamic Covenant. Abraham was the forefather of both the Jews and the Arabs. He left Ur in ancient Sumeria (Mesopotamia) and traveled to Haran in Syria, and later resided in Canaan, where God promised him that his descendants would ultimately dwell; during his lifetime Abraham went through different difficulties and didn’t deny that God was still God no matter what he was going through.

Many people lose their trust in God and His Word in an hour of trouble or crisis. Others become fearful, and some begin to question, “Does God love me”? Does He see what I’m going through?” Is God still with us”? When we’re going through difficulties and things we don’t understand; we have to make a decision, are we going to allow the difficulties were going through steal the blessings of God from us?

Abraham waited over twenty years to receive a son, and years after his son’s birth, God asked him to sacrifice his only child. Abraham could have said, no, I’ve waited too long for my son, now You’re asking me to sacrifice him, but rather than saying that, he obediently went to sacrifice his son. God saw his obedience and substituted Abraham’s son for a ram. This was a hard decision for Abraham, but Abraham had “Now faith”; he knew that God would supply the sacrifice and it wouldn’t be his son.

God will never ask us to do something He hasn’t already supplied for us to complete the task. Storms will come into our life from out of nowhere, it can be fine this minute, and the next moment, a storm can hit. When Jesus instructed His disciples to go over to the other side, they faced a great storm. As soon as they set sail, a boisterous storm erupted. Jesus was on board in the stern part of the ship, asleep on a pillow, when they began to cry out, “Master, carest thou not that we perish”?

They forgot that He was on board, they forgot His presence, and they lost their focus on the Presence and focused on the storm like many Christians do when storms appear. Although they were in the storm, they still had Jesus on board even in the midst of the storm. When Satan and his co-host try to make you fear and lose faith, remember Jesus said, “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, (Hebrews 13:5).

Jesus is on board our ship, and because He’s on board doesn’t exempt us from difficulties, issues, pain, and suffering. Christians have a promise from the Lord; He will never leave nor forsake them. The peace He has given us will supply every need, and His grace is sufficient. No matter what comes in a Christian’s life, God is still God, and there is nothing too hard for God.

God gave Abraham and Sarah the strength to produce a baby; He went against the laws of nature because nature has to submit to Him. Don’t fear, don’t lose faith, and don’t blame God, but trust Him and allow Him to be God in everything that will try to come against you. Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of our faith; rest in Him, place your hope in Him, and know what is impossible for you is possible with God.

Christians’ faith will be tested more than it has in the past. Life and Satan will bring difficulties, pain, and sorry, but this is not the time to lose faith; this is when your faith should arise, and believe in God and His Word. Spiritual growth comes from what you have gone through in life and endured in your faith.

Christians will never go through what the saints of old went through, being sawed in half, placed in boiling oil, some scourged, stoned, and slain with the sword because of their faith in Jesus. Yet they never lost faith because they knew there was life after death, and it would be glorious because they would be with the Father and Son.

In foreign countries, Christians are being imprisoned because of their faith, and some may have lost their lives because of their stand for Christ. Persecution will come to the United States sooner or later because of the anti-Christ spirit embedded in our governments and non-believers. When that day comes, will you be able to stand, or will you do like Peter and say, you don’t know the man? Jesus is on His way to receiving His church, and the Bible is already being fulfilled.

When Jesus returns, His church will be raptured, the non-believing and the carnal Christians will be here on earth to go through the Great Tribulation. The only thing that is holding back the forces of darkness is true Christians praying and fasting for non-believers and fighting in the Spirit.

To be prepared for what is coming, prayer is essential daily; reading and studying God’s Word allows it to become your daily life. What you put in you will come out of you when the need arises, but if you don’t have Scripture in you, it will not come out of you, and you will faint!

Give yourself a weekly fast, consecrating yourself before God, don’t wait until the pastor calls a fast; you fast, build yourself spiritually with fasting, praying, reading, and studying the Word of God. You’ll need it when trouble arises and when difficult times come. When pain and sorry hits your heart and emotions. Even then, you must know that God is God even when trouble arises!

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