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God’s Word Can Be Trusted

As for God, His way is perfect, the word of the Lord is tried. He is a buckler to all those that trust in Him – Psalm 18:30.  In life things and people will come and go. The world is forever changing and so are the people. People you thought would never hurt you, they did. The things you said you would never do, you did, but when it comes to the word of God, it never changes. In order for God’s word to be manifested on our behalf, we’re going to go through things in order for His word to come into manifestation. Tried means to be tested, proved and trustworthy. How many times have we promised God we will be faithful in praying or reading the Bible only to find ourselves not keeping our word?  When God says He’s faithful, we can believe Him. When were not faithful to God, He stays faithful to us. His word says “He will keep them in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him”. No matter how tough the trial maybe, we can trust the word of God that He will bring us through the trial when we place our faith in Him, when we continue to seek His face, is when we find rest in our mind, heart and spirit.  Buckler is a shield, God will shield you from the darts of the enemy. He will protect you when harm comes your way.

In order for God to defeat our enemy, indicates in this life, we will have people that will not like us for whatever reason they tell themselves the reason they don’t like us. The ditch they dig is the  opportunity for God to show Himself strong in our behalf. Don’t think because you’re a Christian everybody is going to love you, and think well of you because they will not. Joseph loved God, but his brother threw him in a hole and God brought him out with the victory. Whatever hole you maybe in, God can bring you out as you allow Him to bring you out the way  He wants to bring you out.

In order to receive of God, we must experience something for His word to be manifested. Know that your life belongs to God, know that He’s in control of your life since you dedicated yourself to Him, and He will never allow anything to come into your life to destroy you when you have placed your life and trust in Him. There is victory in your life because of God and His Word. He exalts His Word above His name! Don’t allow the circumstances of life to beat you down, but bow in your heart and in your mind in prayer and allow God to exalt you and bring you into His glory! Trust His Word, submit to His Word, and allow the Word to bring you victory.

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