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To give subtilty to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion – Proverbs 1:4  

Subtilty is used in the Bible as a positive virtue as well as negative. When rendered as prudent, it’s positive, but when used as crafty, it’s negative. Wisdom will give a young man or woman who is easily lead astray or gullible the knowledge and the wisdom of how to turn from anything or anyone that would try to influence them in actions that are contrary to what they have been taught by their parents like ethics and morals. Wisdom will give the uneducated, open doors of success where a degree couldn’t open. Wisdom will give a person how to make intelligent decisions, how to discern a good choice over a bad choice. How to discern a truth from a lie. Subtilty when used positive is prudence, caution, vigilance. Discretion is the power of formulating and carrying out the right measures which means sound judgement, thoughtfulness, precaution, maturity, and discernment.


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