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Strive not with a man without cause, if he have done thee no harm – Proverbs 3:30  

It’s our human nature, to get upset, but many times we get upset over trivial matters or personal inconvenience when we should be looking at the root of what  really caused us to get upset, what is the underlying cause? Many times we react before thinking; quick to speak and slow to hear. To deliberately cause someone pain when they haven’t done anything to us will cause the judgement of God to be on a individual’s life. We have been instructed if a person wrong us to forgive them, so if we’re causing pain to someone for no reason other than what we think they said or did, even if they did it, we have to answer to God for our actions towards them. As Christians, our daily prayer should be “Father, help me to love your people as you love them”. This prayer will enable us to refrain from wanting to hurt others when or when they have not harmed us.

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