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The Eyes of the Lord

For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He pondereth (observes) all his goings – Proverbs 5:21                                                                                        

There is nothing hidden from the Lord, He sees and hears everything we do and say even before the action is committed, God already knows.  God is a God of emotions, if not, He wouldn’t get angry or have love towards us. He’s someone we can go to and confess our sins as well as things that trouble our hearts.

We get into trouble with God when we’re aware of what were doing is wrong, but have no remorse. Rather than confessing our sins, we try to hide them as though God cannot see. God will forgive our sins, when we confess them and turn from them. People may not forgive, but God always forgives when it’s asked with sincerity. God’s eyes are always on us to see our actions as well as for our protection.  God can and often delivers His followers from pain and death though sometimes for purposes only known to Him, He chooses not to.  We don’t have to fear or worry, God’s eyes are always upon His people.

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