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Who Is This Man?

Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congregation of saints – Psalm 149:1

The unique aspect of praise highlighted in this psalm is that praise is related to the kingdom of the Lord. One of the  primary emphases in the Book of Psalms is that the praise of God is to take place in the center of the worshiping community. Praise unites the people of God, praises are where the Spirit of the Lord dwells.

As people, we like to receive praises, and our Lord and Savior deserves praises. He is the Creator and Lord. He’s the eternal  Lord of  all things. He’s our redeemer, He’s our eternal judge. He’s majestic, and excellent, He’s complete and perfect goodness. His love is infinite, He’s long-suffering and merciful, He has infinite wisdom, He’s the source of every blessing. He’s the giver of every gift. Jesus, our Savior, Lord and Bishop of our souls, He’s our help and support, He’s our hope, peace, and counselor. He’s the light in darkness, He’s King of Kings, joy in sorrow, He’s a very present help. He’s the God of life, He’s our strength in our weakness. He’s holy and righteous, He’s the God over all flesh and all spirits. He’s Alpha and Omega.  He’s our peace in trials and tribulations, He’s the magnificent One, He’s the God who speaks, and everything must bow.

Who is this man, He’s the Son of God!

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