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Unfaithful Bride

The beginning of the word of the Lord by Hosea. And the Lord said to Hosea, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms: for the land hath committed great whoredom, departing from the Lord – Hosea 1:2

Prophets were sent to tell the people their faults, and to warn them of the judgments of God. Both priests and people rejected the word and the knowledge of God. The reason why the people did not learn, and the priest did not teach, was not because they had not the light, but because they hated it.

God told Hosea to find a wife, and told him ahead of time that she would be unfaithful to him. Although she would bear many children, some of them would be fathered by others. In obedience  to God, Hosea married Gomer. His relationship with her, her adultery, and their children became a living, prophetic examples to Israel. The first child born by Gomer was called Jezreel, signifies the seed of God, but it also signifies also the scattered of God. The second child was to be called Lo-Ruhamah, not beloved or not having obtained mercy. It was a foreshadowing the Lord’s rejection of Israel. God had shown Israel great mercy, but they had abused His favors, and forfeited them.

Both spiritual and physical adultery are against God’s law. Both spiritual and physical adultery begin with disappointment and dissatisfaction either real or imagined with an already existing relationship. Both spiritual and physical adultery begin with diverting affection from one object of devotion to another. Both spiritual and physical adultery involve a process of deterioration, it is not usually an impulsive decision. Both spiritual and physical adultery involved the creation of a fantasy about what a new object of love can do for you. When we break God’s law in full awareness of what we’re doing, our hearts become hardened to the sin and our relationship with God is broken.

The feeling that God disappoints can lead us away from Him. The diverting of our affection is the first step in the blinding process that leads into sin. The process is dangerous because you’re not aware that it’s happening until it’s too late. Israel was very much aware of the power of God and His love, but they continued to ignore His prophets and priests that were warning them about the danger of idolatry and rejecting God’s instructions for them as His people.

Idolatry is prevalent in the Christian community, many attend church, but their hearts are far from God. They have placed idols before God, that idol can be their time, what they want to do, their desires. Many spend time focusing on physical life whether than the life after death. What we achieve here physically can’t be taken to the grave, our spirit will live forever whether it’s in heaven or hell. The Bible wouldn’t mention hell if it wasn’t real, God has given us the antidote how to avoid hell, and that’s to submit to His written word for the believer. Christians are the bride of Christ, and when we disobey or reject the instructions of God’s written word, we have become like Gomer spiritually. Just like Gomer, we will produce illegitimate children, children not knowing the status or principals of God, children that will live a life of religion rather than being an example of sons and daughters of God that lives according to the written word of God. It’s dangerous to play the harlot, that’s either male or female.


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