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Time of Prayer

Oh, God how great is Your name, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, holy and righteous God. To the One and only wise God, the God of yesterday, today and forever! Mighty in strength and power, God of all flesh and all spirits, we come to You giving thanks for Your wonderful acts towards us. Thank You for life and supplying our needs. Thank You for even giving us the desires of our hearts, thank You for being with us daily. Thank You for healing our bodies, comforting our souls and giving peace to our minds.

We need You to heal our land; we pray for a spirit of prayer to come upon Your people. A spirit of humiliation, conviction, and repentance. Help us to examine ourselves to see where we have sinned against You and when we find our sin, repent of them. We pray for a praying and worshiping spirit. We pray for an overflow of Your Spirit to rest upon us to draw others to You; we pray for holy boldness and godly love for Your people.

Look upon every gang member and change their hearts, soften their hearts, draw them to You, give them a hunger and thirst after Your righteousness. Place love in their hearts where there is hatred, let them feel Your love, be drawn by Your love. Let the blood of Jesus penetrate the darkness in the atmosphere, let the angels of God be stationed in our communities, homes, place of employment and schools. We pray for those who have been held captive against their wills that You would set them free. We pray for those who have suicidal thoughts, and we speak life in their life.

We pray for spiritual blood transfusions, disease to be destroyed and bodies to be healed. We pray for miracles for those that are in need of a miracle. Open doors of employment, and housing for the homeless. We pray for marriages to be reunited and healed and restored. Turn fathers hearts to their children, and the children heart to their fathers. Destroy division and resentment in families, keep our children safe, keep our elderlies from those that would abuse or misuse them.

Restore Your people to faith, truth, and hope. Give us a hunger for Your righteousness, a thirst to please You. Remove our selfish desires and give us Your desires. We pray for Your will to be done in us and through us. All these prayers we ask in the name of Your precious Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

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