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Our Trust Is In God

Oh, God! How excellent is Your name, Your name is a strong tower, place of peace, a refuge from the hands of our adversaries? How can the enemy win when we place our trust in You? There is no power stronger than You, no one wiser than You. You are our strength in our weakness, You give us boldness when fear tries to grip us. You are the God of our salvation, You are our hope, You are wonderful and marvelous! You are our God, You are our Father whom we place our trust. Our hope is in You, our trust is in You, our faith is in You.

We come before You with repenting hearts, asking for forgiveness. Help us to see where we have sinned against You, then help us to truly come before You with repenting hearts. Search our hearts and our spirits and destroy everything in us that is opposite of the Word of God and the plans You have for us. Remove spiritual deafness from our ears, remove spiritual blindness from our eyes. Help us to purpose in our hearts to seek You according to Your Word if we seek You with our whole hearts we will find You.

Restore the joy of our salvation, restore truth in us inwardly. Help us, Oh, Lord to hunger and thirst after Your righteousness. Help us to hunger and thirst to please You. Help us that our affections will be on things of heaven and release the things of the world. Restore our prayer life, restore our life of fasting, give us a thirst for the Word of God. Empower us again to triumph over Satan and his co-host. Help us Oh, Lord to abide in You and Your Word abide in us.

Father, rain Your righteousness in our hearts, rain Your goodness, in our minds and in our character. Empower us to believe the impossible is possible with You. Help us, dear Lord to place all our confidence in You. You are the God that can speak to the dead and they will rise; You are the God that can deliver those in slavery to drugs and alcohol You are the God that has control over all circumstances, issues, and situations. Breathe on us and bring new life, breathe on every dead thing in our life that needs to be living, and speak to things that should be dead in our life. We pray for the power of God to return to our life, that we may live and walk as sons of God; we ask these prayers in Jesus name, thank God, Amen!


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