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It’s Time to Prayer

Sovereign, Omnipotent, King of Kings, Shiloah, Everlasting Father, Wonderful, Magnificent, Healer and Deliverer, Almighty God, we come before You with humble hearts, repenting and asking for forgiveness for any sin or sins we may have committed against You or Your people. Helps us to know what we may have done, give us the strength we need so that we will not willingly sin against or offend Your people. Search our hearts as we bow before You in our hearts, anything in it that does not line up with Your Word or Your Spirit we’re asking You to destroy it and place it with Your goodness.

We are the house You dwell in, make us be a house of prayer, give us a desire to pray, a desire to read and study Your Word, give us hearts that will submit to Your Word. Help us, Father, not to place anything or anyone before You, help us Father to be the light that shines through the darkness. Baptize us again with Your Spirit, help us to be vessels that the Fruit of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit will be manifested through. Use us for Your glory and to be a blessing to others. Help us to see through Your eyes, help us to love through Your heart and help us have the mind of Christ.

We need Your visitation in our homes, in our churches. When You come, love comes, when You come, unity comes, when You come, healing comes. Breathe on us again, refresh us with Your Spirit, resurrect the desire to pray that has died, resurrect a praise in our heart and spirit, resurrect everything that needs to be resurrected in us. Come the more in us until there be an overflow that will flow to others whose in our presence.

Be magnified and glorified in us, use us to bless others, use us to encourage others, use us to be Your hands and feet. You are our King and we yield ourselves to Your Kingship. We love You and adore You, and we give You praise and honor, in Jesus name, Amen!

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