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Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivereth him out of them all – Psalm 34:19

 The righteous will go through many trials and tribulations creating us to be more in the image of our Father. We are either in a trial, coming out of one or going into one; but through it, all God will deliver His people. In order to be delivered, we must place our trust in God and not what we are seeing and feeling. If it wasn’t so, He wouldn’t have said: “We are more than conquers through Him (God, the father, Jesus the Son) that loved us”. God loved us to the point, He gave His Son; Jesus loved us so He was willing to die for our sins. When you have the Father and the Son on your side, you’re going to come out with the victory, no matter how dark it may look, Jesus will bring light into every dark situation. Christians are soldiers, God has empowered them to go through everything life will bring as well as what Satan will bring.

Christians have been preached to for so long about the blessings of God and the love of God until most Christians think and feel like they will not have trouble, trouble comes when you’re a Christian.  Satan doesn’t bother those he has. When we read and study the Word of God, every Christian that was used by God went through many difficulties, but they all came out with the victory when they placed their trust in God, and not what they were going through.

Moses was called by God, he lived with Pharoah, he lived in the place, he knew about riches and was well educated, but when he decided to live for God and misunderstood what God wanted him to do he had to flee Egypt. When God commissions us to do something, we must pray and get direction from God, if not, we will run into trouble and the task will fail. God got Moses’ attention through a burning bush, a bush that was on fire but didn’t burn up. He talked with God and received instructions. Moses went through hardship and finally, if he had prayed for the people over and over, he didn’t get a chance to go into the promise land because he allowed the people to provoke him to such anger, he didn’t follow the instructions of God.

Satan uses people the same way God uses people, he too needs a vessel to manifest himself through. God created mankind in His image, but when disobedience was committed, sin came into the world. From the Garden of Eden until now, Satan is still trying to influence the people of God to disobey the Word of God. Many Christians want to hear the bless me message, but blessings come with obedience when the blessings come from God. Also, keep in mind, Satan will bless you when you come into his lordship. The same way he tried to get Jesus to worship him and showed him all the riches if he would bow and worship him, he has done that with many who are professing to be Christians.

True Christians will go through hardship, but if they continue in the faith, without blaming God, without returning to the world system, without losing faith, they too will have victory. God has created us to have victory but we must submit ourselves to His lordship. Affliction brings strength, anointing, trust, confidence, and most of all favor with God!

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