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Preaching The Word

Preach the word; be instant (ready) in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine – 2nd Timothy 4: 2

Preaching is not always behind the pulpit, preaching is to proclaim what you believe in and live according to what you’re proclaiming. Every Christian is being watched whether they know it or not by an unbeliever. They know it should be a difference in the lifestyle of a believer than that of an unbeliever. Everywhere we go, we’re marketing Jesus; Jesus is the producer and we should be looking for consumers to receive His salvation. In order to make a sale, the marketer must convince the consumer, this is something that they need in order for them to make the purchase.  Our love and kindness towards others and our godly behavior will draw others to the Lord. Christianity must be appetizing to others for them to want to receive it. It’s not about how many Scriptures one can quote, it’s the life of Christ shining through us to others. We must be ready at all times to win a soul when God opens a door for His Word to go forth. To be instant, the marketer must know how to communicate the Word of God effectively. This comes from reading and studying the Word of God, prayer,  and fasting so we can be sensitive to the Spirit of God. Through this, we can be lead and directed by Him in knowing what or what not to say.

As Christians, we should feel and see the infirmity of those around us and pray for their healing. People will not always come to you and tell you their problem and especially if they don’t know you, but if you have the Holy Spirit of God living in your being, He knows everything about everybody, and He will tell you what to pray for them. Preaching the Word is your behavior and character towards others. Are we showing loving-kindness, are we giving mercy, are we long-suffering? We are the showcase of God, what are we showcasing? Are we afraid to pray for people openly as they need it? Are our problems and situations keeping us from showing the love of God?  In Him we live and have our being, in Him we can do all things that will exemplify Him and showcase to the nonbeliever that we are His disciples!

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