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The Power of Agreement

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven -Matthew 18:19.

Prayer of an agreement is powerful and it moves the hand of God, if it wasn’t so the Lord never would have instructed Christians to do so. The problem is, professing Christians don’t want to pray, secondly, it’s hard to get another Christian to believe with you for what you’re praying for. Many profess they believe but inwardly they’re having doubt; doubt is not in agreement, two or more must be believing God for the same thing. Prayer is our communication and worship to God, every professing Christian should have a prayer life. Prayer is needed when trials and tribulations come as well as when we’re having a rest from them. One thing about being a true Christian, we’re either in a trial, coming out of one, or being prepared to go into one. Test and trials will either mode you more into the image of God or they will make you forsake your faith. God has foretold us in His written Word that before the coming of our Lord and Savior there will be many that will forsake the faith, but that does not mean that you or I will to be in that number.

As professing Christians we should have daily prayer, and not just for ourselves and family but for humanity. Prayer is what causes God to draw people to Him through our prayers for them. It’s powerful when you can get two or more people praying for the same thing, and believing the prayer will be answered. When praying alone or with someone sometimes the prayers are answered immediately and sometimes our prayers are in waiting. One thing we must always keep in mind if God doesn’t answer our prayer, it’s not because He can’t. There is a teaching that prayers are delayed but not denied, some prayer requests are denied, but it doesn’t mean that God can’t answer the prayer. God is our Father and just like earthly parents, they don’t give their children everything they ask, it doesn’t mean the parent doesn’t love the child. So just as our heavenly doesn’t answer a prayer it does not mean He doesn’t love us.

As Christians, we must believe in God, and come into agreement with His Word. You may not have anyone to pray with you, but you have God’s Word and you can be in agreement with His Word for your circumstances.  There is nothing too big or too small for God to handle; whether He answers our prayers or not; He knows what’s best for us! Be persistence with your prayers, don’t pray once or twice times and give us, pray until you receive your answer to your prayer or when the Father lets you know that prayer will not be answered. Agree with God’s Word for your life, agree with His Word for your circumstances and issues, agree with God’s Word for your unsaved loved ones.



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