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Grateful Heart

Today, we come to give you thanks. Thank you for giving your Son for our sins. Thank you for engrafting us into Your family. Thank You, for Your thoughts towards us is not evil, but good to bring us to an expected end.Thank You for the work, You have started in us,  and You will complete. Thank You for Your written Word that shines light into the darkness. Thank You for Your eyes is always upon us, and Your ears initiative to our prayers.

Thank You, for Your word is forever established in heaven. Heaven and earth will pass away, but Your Word will always stand. Thank You for the precious blood of Jesus that continually washes us from our sins. The blood that heals, deliver and set free. The blood that demons tremble when hearing the blood and the name of Jesus.

Thank You for our family and friends. Thank You for every saint of God, every prayer warrior, every praise and worshipper. Thank You for giving us a grateful heart,  and soundness of mind. Thank You for life, health and strength. Thank You, all is well even if it doesn’t look like it.

Thank You for being God in our life and being God in every area of our being. Thank You for being the love we need. Thank You for being the peace we need. Thank You for being our provider. Thank You for being our protector. Thank You for being the Great Physician. Thank You for being our Lord and Savior.

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