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Poverty, and shame shall be to him that refuseth (ignore) instructions: but he that regardeth reproof shall be honored – Proverbs 13:18.

From the time we become of age to understand, we receive instructions. Instructions will be given to us throughout our life, some instructions will bring life, others will be detrimental to our health – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; as well as financially.Instructions is guidance, orders, preparation, direction, plans and advice. Every time we watch television or an advertisement, believe it or not, we’re giving instructions on how to save our money, how to spend our money, how to prepare for retirement, how to further our education. We’re also giving instructions on how to disregard what the Bible has instructed a believer to live by.

There is nothing wrong with watching television. The problem comes when we allow television to influence us to disobey the Word of God or comprise the Word of God. Many lives have been destroyed because of the way television represents drug cartels, pornography, husbands and wives having affairs, children disobeying and talking to their parents any kind of way. Some of the problems Christians have in life is because of what they allowed their eyes and ears to see and hear.  As Christians, we have to be mindful of what we allow to entertain us, because what we allow to entertain us is also being imparted into our mind, will , emotions and our spirit.

If we’re watching programs with profanity, fornication, or adultery,  sooner or later it will begin to influence our behavior. What we feed our flesh or spirit is what will dominate our behavior. We cannot feed ourselves filth and think purity will be manifested. As Christians, our behavior should reflect our Father, and our Lord. We need to be careful what we allow to enter into our spirit and heart. Jesus is returning for His church, and it must be without blemish. The Word of God cleanses our mind and spirit. If we read more of His Word, we wouldn’t look at some of the programs we’re watching and listening to on television.

The world has a way of influencing people whether its good or bad. The majority of advertisment is about “self”. God is not selfish and neither do He want His people to be selfish. The world is saying, you have the right to do what you want, when you want and who you want to with. But the Word of God has given instructions on how the believer should be living and it’s not according to the world’s standards.

The Bible is instructions for the believer, God will never instruct the believer to do something that contridicts His Word. God is not a liar neither is His Word. Take time, read the Bible, allow His instructions to penetrate your heart.

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