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The Offense of Others

For in many things we offend (stumble) all. If any man offend (stumble) not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body – James 3:2.

Perfect means to be mature, maturity indicates when we have offended someone, we’re quick to say I’m sorry for what actions or words we have spoken that offended them, rather than saying ” if I did something to offend you, I’m sorry”. The majority of the time when we have offended someone, the Holy Spirit will make us aware of what we have done, and who we done it to.

As believers, every one of us can receive from God and walk in His highest and best. However, sometimes Christians are confused whose faith have been all but shipwrecked because they thought they were standing their ground in faith, yet something bad happened in their life. We may not know all the answers as to why people fail to receive from God and walk in God’s highest and best is because of the damaging effects of offense.

We must avoid the trap called offense by recognizing and combating this deadly deception of the enemy. There are several telltale signs that show us if we’ve been  trapped by offense. As we recognize these signs, we must extract ourselves from the snare of offense. When we hear a certain person’s name mentioned we become upset, angry or hurt because of what the person supposedly did to hurt someone we care about or their actions of words spoken to us.

Offense can result from a number of things, and one thing that can cause us to take offense is an insult. If someone were to attack us verbally, we would probably become offended. Offenses also come when there’s strife, division, or backbiting. It’s the tongue that makes offenses, and the only One that can bridle the tongue is the Holy Spirit, if we allow Him. We have been offended, and we have offended others knowingly or unknowingly. To resolve the problem we must be true with ourselves whether we have offended or been offended or have heard of someone we care about have been offended, we must release it. If we have been the offender, we must go to the individual and ask for forgiveness in order for spiritual maturity and in order to receive forgiveness from our Father (For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you – Matthew 6:14). 

As Christians, we should be sensitive in how we treat others and how others feel. It should not be our intentions to never make someone else feel as though they’re not up to part as though they’re not good enough whether they are believers or unbelievers. Our enter actions should be as though we treat others the way we would like to be treated or spoken to. This would eliminate many offenses. Being in offense of what others may be hurt by or ourselves, we must release the offense and the person. We should pray for the person we’re holding an offense towards this also will help to release the offense when we pray with sincerity for the other person.

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