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Five Minutes

And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint (lose heart) – Luke 18:1

 Jesus knew as humans we would become weary and lose faith in God as well as believing that our prayers would be answered. He instructed His disciples then and now to have a prayer life. Prayer shouldn’t be when one is in trouble or in a need, but as Christians, we should be praying daily and throughout the day.  Prayer keeps us connected with God, it keeps the relationship with our Heavenly Father and it also builds our faith in God when we pray and receives answered prayers.Starting our day with prayer prior to going to work, school or the gym is submitting ourselves to God that day, we’re placing Him first before anything else.  We need God’s protection, provision and relationship with God on a daily basis; asking Him to take full control of our lives that day, five minutes of prayer will eliminate us from having to confess sins for thirty-minutes before retiring for the night.

Why do you think prayer is such a task for most Christians because prayer is our connection to God?  That’s why we haves so many distractions to come in our lives to keep us from spending time with God. This is why not only Satan but follower us Satan discredit prayer, Satan uses people, the same way God uses people. He uses His people to try influence nonbelievers as well as believers that prayer doesn’t work.

Satan will do all that he can to deter you from prayer because he knows that’s our connection to God. Prayer doesn’t always keep away trouble, but it will sustain your faith when trouble come. Some things cannot be avoided no matter how much we pray because it something that has been assigned for us to go through.

Don’t let Satan influence you that you can’t think of anything else to pray about; listen to the news, read the newspaper, listen to other people’s conversation about what they need or what’s going on in their life or someone that is close to them.   Think about your unsaved loved ones, and you will have plenty to pray for.  Pray for your pastor and his family, pray for the church family, the needs of the church.  The needs in the school system and government. It’s always something to pray about.

God’s Word is being fulfilled right before our eyes; we hear it through the media, we hear it through commercials and other advertisements, people are becoming lovers of themselves rather than lovers of God. When you look at the different events happening in the news and compare it to what the Bible has already informed would be happening, it’s time to pray. It’s time we stand in the gap for those who cannot pray for themselves whether it’s because of sin in their life or devastation.  Start your day with prayer and end your day with prayer, take five minutes to submit yourself to God by reverencing Him through prayer.

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