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Father, we thank You for who You are! You are the God that creates, the earth is Your footstool and heaven is Your throne. You are high and lifted up, You change not and neither does Your Word! You are excellent and majestic, glorious and wonderful, mighty and great, holy and righteous. As we come before You, we ask that you will forgive us for any sins we may have committed against You and give us the strength to not continue in that sin or sins.

You have instructed us to pray for those who have authorities over us, we come today asking You to look upon this upcoming election, we pray You will give Your people who can vote to go and vote for the next presidential candidate. We pray that You will lead and guide them who to vote for, we pray for whoever becomes the President that You will give them a heart that will acknowledge You, give them godly wisdom and knowledge. Give them a heart that will be for all people of race and nationalities. Give them to be a leader that will bring the United States back to its original faith and that is “In God We Trust”!

Look upon every policeman, help them to carry out their pledge in protecting the people, and not to destroy the people You’ve created! You’re the God of all and You don’t discriminate, You don’t hate, but You love everyone! Your thoughts toward us are not evil but good to bring each of us to an expected end when we submit ourselves to You and Your Word.

Give the scientists and the medical professions an antidote that will destroy the pandemic and not have harmful side effects and it will be for all the people, not a selected few. Give Your people a heart and mind to wear a mask that will protect them and others as well as submitting to Your Word of submitting ourselves to those who have authority over us. Disaster has always been the consequence of disobedience. Look upon us and have mercy!

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