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The Lord’s Day

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy – Exodus 20:8

The Sabbath was a day set aside for rest and worship. The Sabbath command was formalized as the fourth of the Ten Commandments given at Sinai. The Sabbath principle of setting aside one unit out of seven for rest was carried into other aspects of Israel’s life. Certain festivals included Sabbath observances, and every seventh year was a rest from cultivation and included a remission of debts.To observe a regular time of rest and worship in our hurried world demonstrates the importance of God in our lives while having the extra benefit of refreshing our spirit. The Lord’s day is an important day for us to take the time to come together with other believers to worship and praise the Lord. There is nothing wrong with watching television ministers, but there is also a time as believers we should gather with other believers as God has instructed us to do through His written Word (Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another, and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching – Hebrew 10:25). 

Television ministry is good for those who are confined, and can’t come out. There are those who will not attend church, but they will look at Christian broadcasts. There will be times when we just can’t make it to church, but to make it a habit, to not to attend church, but look at television ministry is rejecting the instructions given to the believer.

The Spirit of the Lord will give a visitation among those that are gathered in the sanctuary. The Spirit of the Lord gives visitations to heal the sick, take away burdens, mend broken hearts, give peace to a troubled mind, reconcile the backslider to the Father. He will draw the unbeliever to Him and bring salvation; when we stay at home we miss out on the visitation as well as the blessings.

Satan has influenced many believers not to attend church because of the hypocrisy that is in many churches but to tell the truth, there is no perfect church, there is no perfect believer, no matter how hard we try to, when perfection comes so does our deliverance from this world of wickedness. Don’t allow Satan to influence you that you don’t need to be at church, there has always been a place of worship for the believer. Jesus gave gifts to the body of Christ to equip them, the apostle, pastor, teacher, prophet, and evangelist; these have been ordained to be in the church to strengthen the church. You can’t receive these gifts God has given to equip you if you disassemble yourself from the church. The church is a spiritual hospital, that’s where we go to receive healing for our bodies and souls. This is the place where God gives visitation to heal, correct, encourage, direct, anoints, and appoints.

Attending church will also instruct the believer to have knowledge of who have appointed themselves and are misleading people because they know the Word of God, but the Word of God has not been implanted in their hearts to make a spiritual change; they’re falling in the ditch and leading us to the ditch. Many professing Christians know the Word of God, they can quote Scripture, but their does not align to the Word of God. Everyone teaching and preaching and teaching on television has not been sent or ordained by God. 

God knew before His Son returns to gather His church that many believers would stop attending the church that’s why He placed it in the Bible for the believer to keep in remembrance the Sabbath Day, this wasn’t just for the Israelites, but also for the spiritual Jew.  The Sabbath regulations of the Old Testament are intended mainly to reinforce the provision of that day as a day of rest. No work was to be done or allowed on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is to be both a sign of and a time for remembering the distinct relationship between Yahweh and His people. Since every day is created by the Lord, every day should be reverence as holy, a day we present ourselves to the Lord as holy. Holiness means we separate ourselves from worldly desires and actions. We live each day as the day that the Lord has made and we will live according to His instructions, the Bible.

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