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Time to Pray

Our God and our Father, we come to You in the name of Jesus, thanking You for Your goodness, and mercy. Thanking You for Your unconditional love.

You’re a great God, a mighty God, Sovereign God. Holy, Holy, Holy is our God. There is no other greater than You, the God of beginning, the God of the ending, the God of eternity. The everlasting God, the God of excellence, the God that never changes, the God who exalts His Word above His name. We come to thank You and give You the praise You deserve. ¬†All honor and glory belong to You. Thank You for your tender mercies, thank You for Your grace, thank You for salvation, sanctification and the fulfilling of the Holy Spirit.

We come before You on the behalf of the children, Father have mercy upon the children, we pray for their angles that stand before You be sent to every child to protect them from the evil one. We pray for protection from the crown of their heads to the bottom of their feet. We ask in Jesus name warring angels to come to their defense. Keep the children safe as they play in their neighborhoods and playgrounds.

We pray for every homeless person that You bless them with shelter, a place of rest for their weary souls. Bless them to come out of being homeless into their own homes. Bless them to receive the proper medical treatment they need. Bless those who are seeking employment to get jobs, open the door for them and close every door that is not what You would have for them. We pray for Your will to be done in their lives that they may live and prosper.

We pray for our enemies, we pray for those who have wronged us, we forgive them and release them. We pray that You will forgive them, bless them and supply every one of their needs. We release every offense, and we pray for the offender that You would bless them and touch their hearts that they may see who they offended and go to them and ask for forgiveness that both the offender and the one offended will be released and set free.

Thank You, Father, for giving us this time of prayer. Thank You for hearing and answering every one of these prayers, thank God, Amen!

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