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Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favor of the Lord – Psalm 8:34-35  – To be blessed doesn’t mean your blessing will always be money;  blessings can be in soundness of mind, in good health, employment, obedient children, a healthy marriage, food and clothing. The Word of God is a sure thing you can place your trust in. In order to receive the blessings of God, we must spend time with Him daily through prayer and reading the Bible. Prayer doesn’t take away the problems, it strengthen us to go through the problems without loosing our minds or doing something that would cause us to be repenting. Storms comes to every Christians, but if Jesus is the Captain of your ship, He will calm every storm and bring sunshine. Life is in Christ, its not in what you have or who you have. Take time to meet God on a daily basis, and read His Word and find peace for your trouble soul (mind, will and emotions).

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