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But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold – Job 23:10

Job, a man that loved God and hated evil. One that was chosen to go through difficult trials and tribulations, but he never lost faith in God nor did he blame God for what he was going through, he knew if God allowed it, God was going to bring him through the exit door.

Trials and tribulations have a way of bringing us closer to God. They also allow us to experience the manifestation of God’s power in our life. Many times when we’re on the mountain top, we’re asking God to take us higher spiritually, let us see signs and miracles. In order for the manifestation of what we’re asking for to be answered, God has to allow situations and circumstances to come into our life for us to  experience the manifestation of His power.

No matter how long we’ve been saved, there is always room for spiritual growth, and in order for us to grow spiritually, God allows us to experience the wilderness that will make us produce Fruit of the Spirit. It’s impossible to have an encounter with God and our character, behavior and desires doesn’t change to reflect our Father. Every encounter we have with God brings forth a change in our character. We no longer desire the things the  world has to offer , but our affections will be towards things that pertain to God. We are in this world, but we’re not of this world, if we have been born of the Spirit of God.

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