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Be ye angry, and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath – Ephesians 4:26

Being angry is not sinful. It becomes sinful when we have no control of our emotions, and allow them to control our actions against the word of God. The Bible doesn’t tell us we shouldn’t be angry, but it instructs us how to handle it properly.

Nursing anger is what causes one to sin. If we nurse it enough, it will destroy relationships and hurt others. The more we think about it, the angrier we will get, and it gives Satan an opportunity to divide relationships. If we’re angry, we need to tell God about how we feel and who we’re angry with. We need to ask Him to help us release the anger, and give us the opportunity to speak with the individual that we’re upset with.

When we ask Him to help us speak to the individual with kindness and thoughtfulness; ask Him to prepare the heart of the individual we need to speak with. A soft voice will turn away wrath, but if we come to the person with loudness and fault-finding, we won’t get nothing resolved. If we pray about it and ask for instructions, we will get the matter resolved unless the person has harden their heart. If that’s the case, say what needs to be said, and give the person and the situation to God, and allow the peace of God to comfort us.

Try to get the problem resolved with the individual immediately. Bottled up anger will cause bitterness and unforgiveness destroying us within. Allowing the sun to go down, could be us departing from this world. We can be angry, but we should not sin with anger.

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