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Prayer of Rededication

And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray and not faint (lose heart) – Luke 18:1

Sometimes we have to stop, think, and focus with so much happening in life until we get so busy trying to take care of the things in the natural until we forget to focus on what we need for the after life. Prayer is like an insurance premium, all the prayers we have stored up will cause us to be the elect of God for the day of cashing in the insurance policy.Those who have a consistent prayer life, will have a change in life. Prayer changes us from a caterpillar to a butterfly. There is no way we can continue to stay in the presence of God and don’t change. This is why prayer is so important, not only does it bless others, but it also brings blessings upon us and our household. Prayer assists us in having a relationship with the Father, it makes us sensitive to His Spirit, to His voice. Prayer help us to look at ourselves, and not point the finger at others, we will check ourselves to see if we were the cause of the problem or where we ┬áhave not lined ourselves up with the Word of God. So today, let’s us rededicate ourselves to prayer and God.

Heavenly Father, as we come before You today, we come repenting for the times You gave us an unction to pray and we didn’t. We repent for allowing things to take the place of prayer. Your Word have promised, if we confess our sins, Your faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So today, we repent of our sins, we come with rededication to you. We ask in the Name of Jesus, help us to pray as You desire us to pray as Your children. Give us a hunger and thirst for righteousness, help us to enjoy being in Your presence and allowing You to work Your righteousness, Your love, Your compassion in for others, Your concerns for others in us. Help us to love You as Jesus loves You, help us to submit ourselves and our belongings to You. Help us to pray always and not faint when the prayer hasn’t been answered in the time we think it should have been answered. Help us to have holy boldness. Help us to draw others by Your loving kindness flowing through us towards others. Today, we say yes Father, to Your Spirit, Your Word, and Your way.

In Jesus Name we ask this prayer, and we thank You Father, for hearing and answering these prayers, thank God, Amen!

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