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God’s Word

For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled (stands firm) in heaven – Psalm 119:89

The word of God is greater than American Express, everywhere you go, you will need it.  It’s better than VISA, it’s a moment you can always remember when the Lord spoke to you or you felt His presence. It’s something that credit can’t purchase.

When all else fails, God’s word will never fail. His word will never return to Him without accomplishing what His word has said. His word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path. His word will shine through darkness, and His word will lead and guide us to wisdom, knowledge, peace and understanding. God’s word will fill our hearts with gladness and hope. His word will destroy fear and anger. His word will teach us about our Father and His status. God’s word will bring faith and confidence.

His word will make us be glad to go into the house of the Lord. His word will deliver us from lying lips. His word will make us desire to live in unity with our sisters and brothers, spouse, and neighbors. When we’re full of the word of God, it will bring a change in our thinking, desires and love in our hearts for everyone. God’s word destroys and builds. God’s word is forever settled in heaven, and it’s accomplished on earth!

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