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God Never Changes

One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you – Numbers 15:16

God never changes the law of His principals. What He meant in the Old Testament goes for the New Testament.

When God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, He gave them a law He wanted them to conform to as His people. He also instructed them, if a stranger was staying with them temporarily, when they gave their offering or their sacrifice, they would also have to follow the instructions that were given to the children of Israel. What went for the children of Israel also went for the stranger.

Israel literally means the people of God, they were set apart from other nations to serve and to worship God according to His instructions. We are the spiritual Israel, and we too have to serve God according to His instructions. The stranger had to abide by the principals of God. No way could  a stranger live with the children of God and live according to their old way of living.

When unbelievers come around us, they shouldn’t feel comfortable practicing sin in our presence or in the congregations. When the holiness of God is in the presence of the people they conformed to His presence. We should be giving unbelievers an uneasiness when they are around us when we’re carrying the Spirit of God within us. We are the ark that holds the Spirit of God.

We should be giving them a craving for the presence of God in their lives, not the opposite of them giving us craving for the things of the secular world.

People can practice sin and feel comfortable in the church and around the people of God, this shouldn’t be. This is because we’re not where we should be in God. The laws of the principals of God is for every nation, every denomination. We can’t take out or replace anything in the Bible without consequences of answering to God.

Every denomination should be committed to the principals of God, denomination has no ruling above the word of God. What goes for one Christian goes for all Christians.

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