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Fasting Brings Spiritual Growth

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy (bond of the yokes) burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Isaiah 55:6 

Fasting has become a tradition in the Christian Community, but the behavior stays the same. Fasting is to bring our physical and emotional senses to submission to the word of God, it should bring a change in our behavior and thinking and when it doesn’t, it’s not the fast that God has called.

Yearly, millions of churches announce a fast for the month of January, and the majority of the time, the only change that will be in the congregants are some will lose weight physically, but spiritual weights of sins and behaviors are still there.  When the fast has been called by God, lives will be changed, yokes of sins will be destroyed off individuals life. People will be healed, those seeking to receive the Holy Spirit will receive the Gift. True fasting brings about the move of God and humbleness  of heart to the individual.

Fasting will help us to see ourselves and not the faults of others. It makes us look inwardly and see where we need to grow; things we need to stop doing. The spirit of pride is with the church community on how long they have fasted rather than spiritual growth. Many come off the fast being the same way they were prior to fasting: mean, ungodly pride, fault-finders, gossipers and other behaviors that is contrary to the word of God. Fasting should bring about unity in the body of Christ, love towards one another. Fasting should be the discipline of abstaining from food for biblical reasons, not just to say how long one has been fasting. Fasting coupled with prayer should bring the manifestation of the Fruit and the Gifts of the Spirit being manifested in the life of the person fasting. Fasting for spiritual purposes is so powerful, the individual doesn’t have to tell anyone they’re fasting because the glory of the Lord will show on them, and the power of God will move in them and through them, that’s what fasting should do!

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