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Fruit of the Spirit (Joy)

But, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law – Galatians 5:22-23

The God who sent the Law also sent the Spirit. The by-products of the Spirit filled life are in perfect harmony with the intent of God’s law. A person who is rich in the fruit of the Spirit fulfills the Law far better than a person who observes the rituals. In order for the Gifts of the Spirit to operate effectively, the Fruit of the Spirit must be in operation.

Joy is something very few people possess in both communities of unbelievers as well as professing Christians. Webster’s dictionary gives the definition of joy as being a very glad feeling; happiness, delight, anything that causes our emotions to feel a surge of cheerfulness. To a believer whose heart has been regenerated by the Holy Spirit, the meaning of Joy is a feeling that doesn’t go away when trials, tribulations, circumstances and issues arise.

Joy that comes from a human stand point can easily dissolve if the wrong words are spoken, the prayer that one thought would be answered, but it wasn’t. Having a need, and the need hasn’t been supplied. Attending church regularly, but the spouse is acting up, children are running wild, and you’re being taken advantage of at work. Your back is up against the wall, and you have no idea, where to go, or who to talk to. You’re situation is so fiery, you feel as though you’re in the furnace with the three Hebrew boys.

If the individual is not rooted in God and His word, joy will flee and it will not return until issues have been resolved.

The joy that God gives His children can withstand anything that comes against them. When they think about the goodness of the Lord, no matter what’s going on in them or around them, there will be a hallelujah within their heart, a praise from their lips, because what should have destroyed their joy couldn’t. The joy that God gives can’t be destroyed by man or circumstances neither can it be given by man. Joy is a fruit that is created by the Holy Spirit, the joy He gives will draw others as they hear you speak about the Lord and His word. The Joy that comes from God is so awesome, you can’t describe it. His Joy strengthens the believer, His Joy brings faith, His Joy is the same yesterday, today and forever because His Joy will not go away because of circumstances. The Joy God gives His people can’t be taken or purchased, it comes by submitting to the written instructions of God’s word, and being filled with His Holy Spirit.

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