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Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil. Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve (reprove) the oppressed (oppressor), judge (defend) the fatherless, plead for the widow  – Isaiah 1:16-17.

Wash does not indicate that the sinner may cleanse himself, but the sinner must accept the cleansing offered by the Lord, a cleansing of the heart resulting in true repentance. Repentance is a regret or remorse over a past thought or action.Sadly, to say, a majority of professing Christians are still living in lifestyles they were living before they accepted salvation.  What does salvation really mean? “Salvation” in the Old Testament can refer to an event of rescue from any intolerable situation or great danger from which the person is unable to save himself.  The one who rescues can be either human or divine. “Salvation” in the New Testament is deliverance from sin and the wrath of God.  Salvation is not just a release from anxiety concerning God’s final retribution, but it also involves participation in the life of the age to come.  Jesus’ death and resurrection are the basis of salvation.  Salvation is deliverance from temporal evils or earthly destruction.

When one truly accepts salvation, they are honoring Jesus as their Savior, the only One that can save them from sins according to God’s description of sin. When one truly accepts salvation, Jesus cleanses the heart of the individual to longer desire the things that are sinful. This regeneration comes gradually, it’s not instantaneous.  As the believer submit himself or herself to the Word of God they will be transformed in their heart and mind.  When one has truly accepted salvation, they will have a hunger and thirst for the teaching, and preaching of the Gospel, they will read and study the Word of God to get knowledge of what is expected of them as Christians.

As a Christian, we have to position ourselves to either be taught the Word of God by attending a church service which includes Sunday School, Sunday Worship, and Bible Study.  Every Christian should read their Bible on a daily basis accompanied by prayer, if not, they will be conformed to the world’s way of thinking and actions. The only way we can be transformed into the image of God, we have to be transformed by His Word in our hearts and mind.  Anything we practice, we will be good at it including; practicing to be a Christian.

The more we submit ourselves to the Word of God and through Christian activity the more we will be sensitivity to sin and will have the power to resist sin.  If one is not familiar with the Word of God, they will not be aware if they are committing sin. Although one may not know whether or not he or she is sinning against God it doesn’t take away them be accountable for their actions and especially if they are professing Christians.  Remorse and regrets come about when one is aware they have done something that is wrong. When we sin against the instructions of God, we should feel remorse and regret, and then we should ask the Father for the forgiveness of sin. Once we ask for forgiveness we don’t continue to commit the sin.

Prayer is a Christian’s weapon, it also increases our faith. Prayer keeps a Christianity connected with the Father and Son. Prayer coupled with fasting make us sensitive to sin as well as the influences of Satan. We all have sinned and came short of the glory of God; which means no one can live up to what God created us to be without our only hope is faith in Jesus Christ (Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you,  and peace, be multiplied – 1st Peter 1:2).  Sanctification is the ongoing process whereby the Holy Spirit works in believers, making their lives holy, separated from their old ways and to God in order to be more like Him.  The next time you’re listening to secular music, ask yourself would Jesus be listening to this? Next time you’re attending a secular concert ask yourself, would Jesus be here. Whatever actions you’re committing, ask yourself, would the Father or Son be pleased with this, if not, you shouldn’t be doing it either as a Christian.

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