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And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint (lose heart) Luke 18:1.

 We should be persistent in our prayer until the answer comes.  Jesus knew we would lose heart when our prayers haven’t been answered quickly, so He instructed the disciples then and now, don’t faint, keep on praying.We must stand on the promises of God “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you want and it shall be given to you”. God’s Word will never return to Him void, He said it, it shall be done in His time.  He promised no good thing would He withhold from them that walk uprightly before Him, so stop looking at the problem and look at the Word of God and believe when the time comes, for the prayer to be answered, it will be answered!

We’re used to instant everything in life, and when it comes to spirituality we want it to be instant as well. God knows exactly what is in our hearts and spirit. No matter how we fast and pray there is always some work to be done in us spiritually to grow in God. Waiting sometimes will either increase our faith or turn from faith. God never instructed us to pray once for something and don’t pray anymore, that was a man who has said if you pray more than once for the same thing it’s not faith.  Throughout the Bible, believers continued to pray and they prayed until they received an answer. When a person can continue to pray for the same thing for a length of time, that’s faith in itself to continue to be persistence.

It is so important for professing Christians to read and study the Bible, this is where we receive instructions how to please God. Instructions how to live a victorious life, a godly life. The Word of God is a strength for Christians, it’s healthy for our spirit and for our physical bodies. Don’t give up for what you’re praying for, continue to pray, continue to have faith, do a self-examination to see whether or not you have sinned against God. When we pray according to the will of God, our prayers are delayed but not denied.

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