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Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest – Matthew 11:28

A yoke is a shaped piece of wood placed across the neck of draft animals such as an ox or donkey to enable a pair to pull a plow, cart, or heavy load together. A heavy-laden person may be burden with sin, excessive demands of religious leaders, it could be oppression and persecution, weariness in the search of God. Heaviness can be through financial weariness, marriage, heaviness about your children; whatever it may be, Jesus can give you rest.Many times when believers look at “rest” in their mind whatever the problem is will be over, and that is not true. Rest is when we know within our heart, whatever the problem is, God will enable me to get through it and when He says enough is enough then the situation will end, this is called faith.

When we stop trying to fix it and turn the situation over to God, He will bring it to an end. An end may not be what we thought it would be, but whatever is weighing us down, if we allow Jesus to enter into it, our rest will be in Him. No longer will we have anxiety, fear or nervousness about the situation because, within our hearts, we know God has heard our prayers and He is going to answer the prayer.

To get prayers answered, it may not be over-night, it may not be the next day or month, but if we believe God, if we have faith, if we’re willing to wait, the Lord will give us an exit or entrance whatever the need may be. In our waiting, we’re building spiritual muscles.

Whatever it may be that is wearing us down, all we have to do is go to the Father and tell Him what we’re really feeling, asking Him for help and deliverance, asking Him for direction and instructions. There is nothing in our life that Jesus can’t handle if we allow Him to handle it. Don’t lose faith, pray, read the Bible, fast, and wait on your deliverance, expect your deliverance, receive your deliverance, Allow God’s word to be in you, and you in Him, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Casting your cares upon Him. What concerns you, concerns Him. Tell Him what’s troubling you, what’s hurting you, ask for what you need and don’t tell Him how to do it. Allow the peace that Jesus gave us, to rest in your mind, heart, and spirit.

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