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Grounded In The Word

As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him. Rooted and built up in Him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught abounding therein with thanksgiving (Colossians 2:6-7).

Everyone who dedicates themselves to the Lord has been and will be in a spiritual war. We’re in a war we can’t see with the natural eye.  Just as there are good angels, there are also evil angels whose main purpose is to destroy mankind and his relationship with his Creator.Just as Satan tried to tempt Jesus, we’re not exempt from his temptation.  Just as Jesus used the Word of God against Satan’s, we too must use the Word of God against him. Satan influences us through what we see and hear. Eve was influenced by what Satan showed and told her. Adam and Eve were given an entire garden, and they could eat from everything from the garden except from one tree. Satan uses what we have been instructed not to do to tempt us.

Jesus instructions for man was that he should always pray and not to faint, but Satan will influence us by making us think it doesn’t take all that to be a Christian.  Jesus knew if we didn’t have a consisting prayer life we would be easily tempted by Satan. This is why He instructed His disciples to pray unless they are tempted. Without prayer, we cannot be a spiritually successful, Jesus had a consistent prayer life, there were times He left His disciples to be with the Father in prayer. Just as Jesus stayed before the Father, we have to do the same thing to defeat Satan’s temptations. Prayer enables us to commune with the Father, and it increases our faith in Him and not in our abilities.

Faith is what you can’t see, and it can be positive or negative. Negative faith is saying or thinking it can’t be done. Positive faith is having faith in God accompanied with prayer knowing it can be done, because we have the faith to know what is impossible with us, is possible with God. Praise is another form of faith, praising God no matter what may be going on in our lives. Faith is knowing God is Greater than anything that may come in our lives. We must place our faith in God and not what we see, hear or feel. What we place our faith in will be our god.  To get established in God, it comes by prayer, fasting, reading and studying the Bible as well as being willing to submit to God’s instructions through His written Word.

Sadly to say, many Christians want to hear “bless me” messages, and not what we are responsible for as Christians.  God has given us the tools to defeat Satan and it’s through prayer.  Prayer builds our faith in God, reading the Bible help us to know who God is, and what He expects out of us as Christians. Reading and studying God’s Word enables us to know the promises of God, the blessings to the righteous and the discipline for disobedience.  Time is winding down, Jesus is soon to come, and we must be the bride He’s coming back for. Jesus doesn’t want His bride to be involved with any other god; He wants His bride to be clean, virtuous, submitted to Him, and His Father’s written Word. He wants to see His reflection in us. Taking the time to read and study the Word of God is your life insurance, and you pay your premium with your life being submitted to God and His written Word.

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