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Then the people rejoiced, for that, they offered willingly, because with perfect (loyal) heart they offered willingly to the Lord, and David the king also rejoiced with great joy – 1st Chronicles 29:9.

Willingly is to be glad, readily, obedient, agreeable and voluntarily. Isn’t it amazing when we attend church, the minister of music or worship leader has to ask us to clap our hands? Willingly goes further than us giving our monetary offering. When we come into the house of God, we should come involuntarily; waiting to give our praise and thanksgiving to the God. Secular musicians don’t have to ask their followers to clap or wave their hands, they do it automatically. When some Christians attend church, they have to be asked to praise God. When we think about the goodness of God, a hallelujah should come forth without anyone asking us to praise Him. In order to usher the Spirit of God in our presence, there must be a willingness to follow instructions. There must be a desire from us wanting His presence. When we’re asked to stand and clap our hands or send out a sound of praise; there will be others, willingly disobeying the minister of music or worship leader. This grieves the heart of God, and it will also keep His presence from entering. If we can’t stand at least we can clap our hands, this is called unity. Just thinking about the air we breath belongs to Him is enough to praise God. Many times Christians unknowingly allow Satan to use them to hinder the service and the move of God by their disobedience.

Any time we’re in service and being provoked to sit when asked to stand or praise God is the adversary’s influence. If we cannot praise God without being asked to praise Him, something is wrong with us. It’s not the music, it’s not the person ministering the music, there is something within us that is willingly wanting to be disobedient. Disobedience and rebellion is the same thing. The next time, we’re in church and we decide we’re not going to be directed by the minister of music or worship leader, we need to ask ourselves, “Did I come to worship God, or did I come to be used by Satan?”

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