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False Christ

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet – Matthew 24:5-6.

Jesus forewarned the believer the things that would happen prior to His return, but many believers don’t take the time to read and study the Bible in order to be abreast of what is happening. Jesus is returning, and when He returns, He’s coming with judgment. False teachers and pastors have turned people away from the gospel of Jesus Christ to a doctrine that denies holiness, denies that there is a hell, teaches people can live any kind of way they want and still be on their way to heaven.Jesus is referring to those that will come in His name, saying they have been sent by God. This is the reason why many have been led astray into false religion and cults. Satan preys on those who don’t take time to pray, fast, read and study the Word of God because he knows; they are easy, to be deceived because they don’t focus on the things of God, but the things the secular world has to offer. In order to live according to the Word of God, you have to know the instructions. God holds every professing Christian responsible¬†for knowing His instructions and being submitted to His instructions.

The Bible is being fulfilled and the eyes of the believers have been blinded because they focus on their desires, their wants, what they can obtain, not realizing, God wants them, not their accomplishments. When Jesus returns, He’s not coming with love and kindness, He’s coming as a judge. This is why it’s so important to attend Sunday Worship and Bible Study. Every time we enter the sanctuary and the Word of God is being ministered, God holds us responsible of what He’s saying through the man or woman of God to the believer. Our name on the church roster will not give us entry into heaven. Religion and rejection of the Word of God will not give us entry into heaven. Just because a person can minister the Word of God does not indicate he or she has been called by God to minister. ¬†Satan knows the Word of God and he can quote Scripture too!

How can one know if they are being taught the Word of God if they never take time to read the Bible to know the Bible? Religion, cults and false doctrine are established when one teaches and is not familiar with the Word of God, but ministers by their beliefs and emotions. When the Word of God is ministered by one ordained by God, the Word of God will tear down, build up, give directions, give peace, and rebuke. The Word of God goes into our spirit and make changes, conforming us to the image of God. Know the Bible and follow the instructions so you will know when the teaching or doctrine is not in line with the Word of God.

Money, education, and popularity will not purchase a ticket for heaven, billionaires, entertainers as well as the most educated person dies just like those they would be considered normal, hell has enlarged itself for everyone that denies the faith, reject the Word and live a life of hypocrisy. Just as we follow the instructions from our employer if we want to keep our positions, we also have to follow the Word of God if we want to enter heaven. Know the Word of God so when someone is teaching a false doctrine you will know not to follow it or them.

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