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A Barren Ministry

Praising God, and having favor with all the people, and the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved – Acts 2:47.

Barren is, to not be able to bear offspring, unproductive devoid, and this is what the church shouldn’t be. The church is a place where we should see the manifestation of the power of God in the midst of us, it’s not about how we shout, dance, skip, jump and run around the church, but it’s about the power of God moving upon the people of God to bring a change.Anytime God is in the sanctuary, there will be a change in the people. Yes, people will jump, shout, skip and run around the church, but when they finished doing that, there will be a change in their behavior, a change in their attitudes towards each other, a change from being mean and nasty to loving-kindness. People that are sick in their bodies and mind will be healed. Broken hearts will be healed, division will turn to unity, a broken relationship will be reconciled, gifts and offices of the Spirit will be in manifestation when the Spirit of the Lord is in the sanctuary.

If we’re not experiencing the Spirit of God in the ministry something is wrong, and we need to find out what is causing the problem. People joining, but not staying in the ministry. Those who were once faithful is not attending church now and then, the same people coming to the altar at altar call, something is wrong, the ministry is not being effective, it has become barren. The church nor the congregants should be in stagnation, as the body of Christ, we suppose to be going from glory to glory, from one level of anointing to another to bring deliverance to the unbeliever when they attend church. The Fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit should be in manifestation in the ministers in order for the congregants to receive from the Lord. Sometimes hands don’t need to be laid on anyone for them to receive from the Lord, He will go through the pews and deliver people from addiction or whatever they need to be delivered from.

Anytime we attend church, there should be a change in us if its nothing but having a change of faith in our God and in ourselves, there is no way we can come into the presence of God and stay the same nor does the Spirit of God come the same way when enters the sanctuary. The ministry must produce fruit, it must give people a thirst to want to know God and experience and encounter with Him. Every one attending church should be praying for the Leader and the ministers, praying for everyone who holds an office in order for the church to be effective!  God has not changed, He is still healing, filling and delivering.

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