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And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you – Joel 2:25.

As devoted Christians, we will go through trials, tribulations and turmoil. After we continue to be faithful to God by believing His Word, living according to His Word and waiting on His Word to be performed in our lives, eventually after we have passed the test or tribulation, God will restore what was taken or lost.

Israel was a people who would serve God for a while then they would return to serving other gods. When they turned from serving God to serving idol gods, God would remove His protection from them and allow the god’s the people were serving from other nations to place them in bondage and captivity.   Sin will always bring judgment on the Day of the Lord, and only God’s forgiveness will bring rejoicing, unless we repent of our sins. When the Day of the Lord comes, if we haven’t repented and turned from our sins, our sins will result in judgment. Even when we go through test and trials not because of our sins, but because God is trying to take us to another level of His glory, if we continue in the faith, He will restore what was taken.

When Joseph was taken from his family, thrown in prison, he continued in the faith and was restored above and beyond what he once had. Daniel was also thrown in prison for His faith in God and his determination of serving God the way he was instructed gave him a prison sentence. But God restored him and he and the Hebrew boys were promoted in the kingdom they were residing in. In order to be restored, there must have been something before and taken away in order for it to be restored. Revival is something the Christians and believers  are in need of.  What was lost in our commitment to God has to be restored. Anytime we’re faithful to God, He will never allow us to go through any turmoil without restoring what was lost.  He will give us what we never had. Restoration only comes from God!

Sometimes as Christians we go through one trial after another, we become weak in our faith, we stop praying and reading God’s Word or listening to the gospel by way of radio, television or online. When test , trials and tribulations come your way that is not the time to relent from avenues that will build your faith. That’s when you pour as much Word and prayer in you as you possibly can.  During your weaknes is when Satan will send attacks, he hardly ever attack when your strong in the faith.

Whatever you may be facing, don’t stop praying, don’t stop fasting and reading the Word of God. God will restore, God han’t forsaken you, He’s making you more into his image and likeness.

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